The Usual Suspects Painting by Bev Davies

My name is Bev Davies and I first studied at Wrexham Art College which led to a BA honours in 3 Dimensional Glass design at Wolverhampton University. After graduation I pursued a career in hot glass where I met my husband. Together we ran a hot glass studio, which then evolved into a busy contemporary glass chandelier business. What with raising a family, it was only 2 years ago that I found the time to pick up my paint brushes, after leaving college 30 years ago. It was Lockdown that first allowed me the opportunity to rekindle my passion; painting animals allows me to express emotion and be a bit cheeky with it too. I prefer working with a limited palette range and love the fluidity and transparency of watercolour, further embellished with pen, allowing me to accentuate the movement and emotion most associated with the specific animal I have set out to capture.