Gifts Instead of Flowers featured on MyBump2baby Christmas Guide list for 2022!


A new way to browse, get ideas and find the perfect gift for under £80 with purchases made directly with the Artist. Think of it like an online craft fair: we cherry-pick artists from all over Britain with amazing businesses and host them on our site.

Gifts Instead of Flowers takes no commission from Artists when purchases are made via the site. That means that by shopping via Gifts Instead of Flowers the people you pay keep 100% of the profit.

The idea of giving gifts, instead of flowers, came from Jan, founder of Gifts Instead of Flowers, when she was gifted bunches of beautiful flowers during an illness – a lovely gesture that was greatly appreciated. But as days went by, the flowers fade and die and she was left with just stems and a few note cards to remind her of the kind thoughts from the person who gave the flowers. So, the idea arose that it would be lovely to give a small gift that could leave a lasting memento for all kinds of occasions

As well as supporting businesses in the art industry, Gifts Instead of Flowers also supports ‘William’s Fund’, a charity set up by the Dodd family after tragically losing their son to childhood cancer at just four years old. Mother, Johanna Dodd, has raised over £1,000,000 so far and has recently pledged to raise a further £1,000,000.

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Supporting Independent Artists

Gifts Instead of Flowers is such a great concept! I love that the idea is kind to the artists and small businesses who are part of it. There are so many great, new products to give as gifts. Very exciting!
Roger Black MBE – British Athlete