About Teddo Play

Meet Keisha Shah, the founder behind Teddo Play, a much-loved and a multi award-winning children’s educational brand that produces a variety of fun, learning resources that aim to encourage conversations, spark intellectual curiosity and inspire a love of learning in children of all ages.

It all started when I was on my maternity leave expecting our first child. In one of those nervous first-time-parent-to-be-reading-sprees, I discovered how crucial the first 5 years of children’s lives are. It became very important for me & my husband to have a plan & to do our best to make these early years as rich in play, experiences and learning as possible for our new arrival.

I started designing and creating a variety of versatile learning products that can help make an extraordinary positive impact on children’s intellectual growth & development, boost confidence and self-esteem in them for their positive mental well-being as they grow up.

Children are often left feeling frustrated after long hours in front of screens with rapidly changing visuals and lack of real conversation with real people. Oftentimes the conflicting, even misleading, information in cartoons and overly imaginative movies & digital games, leave children so confused and irritable.

I wanted to make an effort to solve this universal problem by creating a range of fun & tactile resources that will encourage children and grown-ups to not only spend quality-time with each other but also to equip our children with accurate information and good vocabulary from the early on to help them better express themselves.

At Teddo Play, we’ve set out on a journey to nurture a life-long love of learning in children with our versatile range of engaging educational resources, all made right here in the UK.

All our Learning Sets arrive to you in these gorgeous magnetic-close Gift Boxes as a given, making them very much gift-able as is.

Our biggest commitment right from day 1 has been to keep all of our manufacturing in the UK. This way we can support our UK economy in our own small capacity and also make sure we are not adding to our carbon footprint. We use FSC-certified paper and board from UK companies and learning sets are UKCA/CE tested.