About MaisyPlum

MaisyPlum handmade jewellery is run by me, Jo Pearce.​

I am passionate about making handmade silver and copper jewellery that incorporates beautiful colours that are created using enamel. I also make enamel bowls and ring dishes.

In 2013 I discovered enamel and all the possibilities of this ancient art, and that’s when things really took off creatively. Since then I haven’t looked back!

I work from my home studio in East Sussex and spend hours playing with and exploring, the possibilities of colour on copper and sterling silver. The variety of designs are endless and the results are so exciting when each piece emerges from the kiln. I also use a torch which produces wonderful and unique effects that can’t be replicated.

I set some pieces using traditional metal smithing techniques, using a variety of hammers, texture plates and anything else I can get my hands on! Where it needs colour I will enamel it and most pieces, although can be replicated, will never look the same twice.

I won an #SBS award (Small Business Sunday) which is run by Theo Paphitis in February 2017.

​​My handmade jewellery can be bought online from my shop, also  MaisyPlum jewellery is sold in various craft stores in the UK. There is also the opportunity to commission bespoke items.

If you would like to see a regular update of items being made and added to my store then you can follow me on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook