About Lesley Palmer Art

Lesley has lived a life of all things horse, animal and art. Her first love was horses, since she was thrown onto her grandfather’s horses, aged just 2 years old. Lesley always had horses, wildlife and other animals around her (despite a life of moving house with her military family and husband) and they were her inspiration for drawing, painting and sculpting them whenever possible.

Lesley continued to paint, using her skills to paint backdrops for school plays, pet commissions, wall murals and even bespoke artwork on aircraft, boats and cars.

Lesley‘s passion for horses led her to own various horses and ponies, and to train them using Monty Roberts techniques. She has worked with tiny ponies right up to top sports horses and this understanding of horses and other animals shows through in all of her work.

She turned professional in recent years, exhibiting in various galleries around Shropshire.

Lesley now paints commissions of pets and other animals as well as painting all types of animals (equestrian, domestic, farm and wildlife) which she turns to print so they can be sold alongside the originals.

Please visit her website to see the range of artwork she has available.