About Keep This Cracker

Did you know it’s estimated that about 100 million disposable crackers are pulled in the UK in one festive season alone. When laid end to end, they would stretch from the UK to the North Pole 8 times! ‘Keep This Cracker’ is a reusable cracker made using FSC and PEFC card. It pulls like a standard cracker but the only waste left are the broken snaps.

So how does it work? The cracker comes apart when pulled and can be put back together again by simply threading a fresh snap through the slots at each end, without any glue or fuss.They come flat-packed in packs of six, in reusable card wallets designed for you to keep and store your crackers away for another day. The ribbons are woven in the UK using yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. All products are free from single-use plastic, fully recyclable, the kraft crackers and card wallets are compostable too.

Keep This Cracker is a small business run by Bea Thackeray, who creates all the designs in her studio in Manchester. Her products are made in UK and assembled and packed in-house.

Not everyone is a fan of the loud bang crackers make, including people with phobias, Autism, ADHD, PTSD etc. Crackers can cause distress for our pets too. So in response to this, Bea designed a new kind of snap, the ecosnap, a low noise alternative that has no explosive compound, so it pulls with a gentle pop. (Exclusive to Keep This Cracker and approved stockists) Each pack of crackers comes with the ecosnaps, replacements are available in packs of 12. But for those who like their crackers with a bang, ‘Keep This Cracker’ works equally well