About Iren Nikard Jewellery


Ukraine-born, IREN NIKARD, has been hand-making stylish, luxurious, jewellery from Swarovski crystals, natural pearls and 925 sterling silver for over 6 years.

At home in Ukraine, Iren had collaborated with wedding shops, boutiques, designers, makeup artists and photographers – she then set up her store online.

Because of the ongoing war in Ukraine Iren and her two sons had to flee to the UK, leaving behind her husband who continues to defend Ukraine.

With nothing but some clothes and materials to continue her business, Iren has been made to feel very welcome in the UK where she feels protected and supported.

IREN NIKARD is now focused on supporting the Ukrainian fighting spirit by continuing to create beautiful accessories, inspired by the strength of Ukraine.

The brand represents the determination and pride of the Ukrainian people and countries that have come together to support Ukraine during the war.

Since childhood, IREN NIKARD loved to appreciate beautiful women and their style. It was then that she realised that her passion for fashion. Inspired by her ideas, she began to create jewellery. For IREN NIKARD, creating jewellery began as an artistic hobby but she has now turned this hobby into a successful business.