International Elf Service

International Elf Service came to life when Emily, a Christmas-mad mum of three young children was searching for an Advent Tradition for them to enjoy together. She wanted something that wasn’t based on “good behaviour” or presents, and an experience that was more inspiring than finding a daily chocolate or toy. And she loved the idea of a magical keepsake that truly embodied the spirit of the North Pole. But she couldn’t find anything that made these Christmas wishes come true.

Instead, Emily decided to create something herself – a totally unique Advent Calendar. Every day of December, leading up to Christmas Day 2009, she wrote a series of small notes from a chatty but adorable Christmas Elf named ‘Elfie’. She hid these tiny messages around the house for her three children to discover delivered as if by magic. Each one was illustrated with ink splodges and scribbles by the North Pole Elves themselves, and together they told an exciting tale from the Elves’ Workshop as Father Christmas prepared his enormous Toy Sack for the most important deliveries on Christmas Eve.

Such was the magical success of this new Christmas Tradition, that Emily was soon asked for copies by other parents. And now in its tenth year, International Elf Service (with the help of its Magical Wind Machine from the official North Pole Post Office) sends out thousands of Christmas letters to eager children and families. Today, along with these wonderful North Pole Elf letters, Emily’s company also sends magical messages from the Tooth Fairy, personalised stories featuring the Easter Bunny, and inspirational chronicles from eccentric and wizardy characters at Roots of Fantastical Matters. All products are meticulously crafted and printed on high-quality, eco-friendly paper and decorated with gorgeous artwork to create an authentic and hand-crafted look.