About Aroma Holiday

Aroma Holiday World of Scents!

Experience the ultimate in boutique home “Stay-cations”, inspired by designer Mark Jordan and his young son’s global adventures around the World. This life-changing trip alongside his little partner-in-crime provided the inspiration behind the Aroma Holiday “World of Scents” Brand.

Aroma Holiday combines insane World home scents, modern styling and fine craftsmanship, representing luxury, glamour and the best in British exuberance!  Iconic and eye-catching with thoughtful, memory provoking images, fragrances and celebratory travel buying slogans that cover all gifting occasions!

“For the Love of Travel!”

“Aroma Holiday has become a supporter of Tomorrow’s Forest U.K. by committing to an annual sum of profit to help towards the long-term forest creation and habitat restoration within the UK. Tomorrow’s Forest U.K. have already planted over 9 million trees…experts in creating and managing native ecosystems.”

Aroma Holiday has become a supporter of Tomorrow’s Forest U.K