About Tipperleyhill

Abi and Roz are two artists who work together to create quirky animal illustrations. Tipperleyhill is the joining of both their second names.

Abi paints the animals and posts these to Roz to add the pattern to their shirts. They met at a textile studio in New York where they both worked. Roz admitted ‘I don’t like drawing’ and Abi said ‘I don’t like colouring in!’ So they found the perfect match in each other!

Abi is based in Leicester and Roz is in London. This meant they were used to working at a distance when lockdown struck, so were still able to carry on creating art through lockdown.

Abi and Roz both did foundation art in their local colleges after A Levels.

Roz studied Fashion and Textiles at De Montfort University and Abi studied Textiles at Chelsea college of Art. After their job in New York, they returned to the UK and freelanced for various London textile studios. At this time they often felt quite lonely and isolated, so now relish having each other for support, inspiration and encouragement. They created Tipperleyhill so they could see more of each other.

The ‘animals in shirts’ are painted in watercolour and acrylic ink on A3 paper which gives them both the scale to add lots of detail. These originals are then scanned and reduced down to giclée prints and greetings cards. All the prints phrases are handwritten by Abi in brush pen calligraphy.

People love being able to tailor the writing to fit the person they are buying for and with over 60 different animals to choose from and endless options of phrases; there is something for everyone.