About Carli Angélica

Carli Angélica

It can take time, perseverance, and determination to truly recognise what motivates and nurtures the artistic streak in an artists’ soul. Carli’s journey to artist and ceramicist is a potted one, trying different careers before realising that design and art were her true calling. Carli has studied veterinary medicine, fashion design and graphic design, but happiness was not abundant. Deciding to follow her true path has released Carli, leading to the production of breath-taking freelance illustration pieces. Most recently, Carli has discovered a love and natural affinity with clay, producing stunning pottery pieces from her home studio. Bringing ideas to life is the driving force behind many of Carli’s creations. Whatever the piece, Carli is clear that it is the meeting of peace and adrenalin from doing something she loves that leads to her stunning creations.


Me Loovely stock an exclusive range of Carli’s wall prints, all printed with 10 inks (Giclee) for wonderful clarity on museum grade paper, as well as a range of Carli’s Card sets in smaller sizes.