About emme  designs

I’m Michelle Wade, originally from South Africa, but now creating art in the beautiful natural landscape of the Yorkshire Dales.

I create art inspired by the magic of nature; the intricate patterns of a seed pod; the spirit and personality of an animal;  the wisdom and strength of a tree…

By profession I am a Graphic Designer (BA Hon) and worked in design and advertising agencies, ran my own close corporation business and worked as a Graphic Design Lecturer for many years. Although occasionally I would draw something by hand to incorporate into my graphic design I hadn’t created any ‘Art’ art since School and University.

I began illustrating again during the first lockdown of 2020. The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has a “30 days Wild” program that encourages people to interact with nature, from walking barefoot on the grass to following a bumblebee’s journey to building a pond in your garden.

I decided to set myself a challenge and create a new illustration of something wild or natural that I had seen everyday for the 30 days of June and post them on social media, with a little story about my walk or about the subject of the illustration. This challenge connected me even more with nature and connected other people to my stories and to nature! The response to my drawings was incredible and this then encouraged me to create more art. I realized that I could inspire people to love nature and appreciate the little things all around us that are so important.

I have now created a range of products with my illustrations: greeting cards, vegan suede cushions, 100% cotton tea towels and prints either framed or unframed. All of these products are printed and made in the UK.

Through my art I hope to remind people how precious nature is and share hope that together we can save our earth.