About Emily Adlard Designs

I create digital paintings bursting with colour and character to make people smile and help to bring walls to life.

In my 20 years as a photographer I have loved capturing wild and domestic animals on film in their habitats – in particular their individual characters.  Every animal is a unique soul and expresses it’s individuality in many ways but particularly through their eyes.  Look deep into an animal’s eyes and you can tell exactly what mood they are in!

As an artist my aim is to capture that individuality and communicate it in a warm, cheerful and exuberant way – adding that little extra ‘something’ or finishing touch to living spaces through my paintings.

Painting digitally means I can take my canvas anywhere.  Every piece of art takes many hours and layers of paint to perfect and whilst I like to take care of the small detail, sometimes a splash of paint here or there to soften edges or add drama and a little texture or colour clash can all combine to create the feeling I want to achieve when you look at the painting.

I print each piece of art onto high quality textured fine art paper using eco friendly, state of the art technology to ensure longevity.  Each print is personally checked, hand embossed and signed by me for authenticity – ready for it’s new home.

Whilst there is only one size available on my website I can offer larger sizes on an individual basis, please email me for a quote.