About CoolArt2021

My name is Marcus Mason-Williams.  I am an artist, storyteller and animator.  I set up my own business CoolArt2021 in 2021. I design and sell greeting cards and other art products such as hoodies, tote bags, mugs, t-shirts and posters.  I am also a story teller and animator. My work is inspired by my passion for wildlife and nature and is influenced by my autism. My love of art and wildlife led me to work with big brands such as KPMG and Coca-Cola and with charities like Special Olympics GB, the Wildlife Trust and the DfN Foundation.

My passion for drawing wildlife began when I was about 5, after being introduced to Henry Rousseau’s animal paintings. A lot of my artwork is inspired by my heroes Sir David Attenborough and Bill Oddie.

My first job was working for Kevin Barry Adams at the Glasshouse as a trainee crystal glass cutter – my nickname there was ‘Iceman’ due to the ice patterns I made. It was after this work experience that I decided to set up my own digital art business and with the help of Exceptional Minds (autistic animation studio) in the USA, learned how to use digital software to create my drawings, which are the designs you see on my website.