About Carly’s Candle Co

Carly’s Candle Company was born at the end of 2019, after the arrival of our little rainbow baby boy in May of the same year.

I’m Carly, The owner, creator, designer and maker of Carly’s Candle Company. I decided that after 6 months of maternity leave I needed a little bit of me back, so whilst my little boy was napping away, I decided to start researching ways to become more eco friendly, vegan conscious and to live a more waste and toxin free life.

It took us a long time to conceive our precious baby boy and during our time we suffered a ‘silent’ miscarriage, when I finally fell pregnant I was avoiding anything and everything that has the smallest detrimental effect on a pregnancy and it was quite shocking how many things we invite into our home which are so terrible for us. 

I therefore combined these ideas and passions together to create candles and other products for the home. My range has now developed over the last few years and I have loved it, My little boy is now not so little, I have a beautiful little girl too and I have also lost my dad to cancer, these points in my life have helped to create my brand into what it is today, I now offer beautiful plantable labels which when planted wildflowers which are native to the UK grow, each scent has also been carefully created to promote a range of wellbeing properties for our minds. 

I love making each and every product and really hope you enjoy using them. 

Carly x