About Bella Bigsby

I am an artist working in oils. Having lived and exhibited my work in California for the past 18 years, I recently returned home to my native Norfolk, England.

In my oil on canvas paintings, I combine tangible elements of the world around me with my memories of landscape and home and a love of the magical nature of myth and fairytale. I am interested in the details of things, the textures, in how the place where you grow up shapes the person you are.  It becomes an internalized landscape, like the shape of a familiar tree.

Animals and birds that have a rich folkloric tradition are particularly intriguing to me as they are infused with layers of human history as well as their own unknowable narratives.

For me, nature is a separate yet parallel world. I am most interested in the quiet presence of this world, where it touches our everyday one, rather than in nature at its most grand and dramatic. Familiar birds and trees are to me endlessly rich in beauty and meaning.