About Baby Bare Bubbles

My only inspiration for deciding to create this brand was my twin boys. When I found out I was pregnant, my natural instinct was to craft something for them.  Having been in the beauty industry for over 15 years, I immediately felt that I wanted to draw on that experience to bespoke a product I would want to use myself on my little ones.

The months of researching ingredients, creating a fragrance, deciding on every aspect of the product with so many people working together to make these final two products almost seemed forgotten as the brown package arrived… this is it.  It might all be over if this isn’t perfect… the nerves as I unsealed the envelope.  Well, they look great, unscrewing of the lid, they smell amazing… now all they have to do is work.  They did not disappoint. Night after night my boys played in the bubbles, giggled as I covered them in the cream. Just perfect, Fozzy’s dry skin cleared up, they smelt lovely and mainly because even after a soak and a smothering of cream they still smelt of them.  Let’s just hope the world loves it too!