About Anna Reed

Anna is self-taught and driven by her admiration of nature and its elegance. Working predominantly in oil paint, charcoal and pencil. She uses precise and deliberate strokes to produce representational pieces of work.  Her pencil and charcoal studies concentrate on movement and texture, whilst the oil paintings are showing detail, depth and the characteristics of nature.  Anna uses wooden panels and aluminium to create her artwork, painting several layers of detail.
Anna’s recent work is concentrating on the natural world, showing how precious it is. She uses golds and rich colours in her paintings depicting beauty.  Anna believes that gold is often associated with compassion and love, which is what she hopes the viewer can see in her work.  The gold also represents a material glamour and grandeur, she wants to show that people can live without objects but we can not live without nature.
Putting both on one painting highlights just how magnificent wildlife is, pushing the animal to the forefront.

Anna’s work was long listed for the Jackson’s Painting Prize 2017 and 2019. She has also been shortlisted for the Ken Bromley Cover competition in 2018 and 2019 and was awarded with the highly commended award in 2019. She also gained a highly commended award in the 2019 TALP Open Patchings Art Competition.  In 2020, she was delighted to be presented with the People’s Choice award in the Creates Emerging Artist Award and was a finalist in the David Shepherd Artist of the year.  In 2021, Anna was an Invitational Artist for the Sketch For Survival exhibition at the OXO Gallery London, as part of this her painting was selected to be exhibited in the VIP Leaders Lounge at the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow.

Anna currently works from her studio in Bedfordshire