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About Zoe Brown Perfume

Perfumery Experience in a Box

I am a strong believer that perfumery is a form of art and, by simply taking a spark of an idea, you can see that translation through to a scent, with its own unique expression!

In addition to extending my range of artisan scents, I enjoy sharing my love of perfumery. Suitable for both men and women, anyone can make a bottle of scented alchemy, in the comfort of their own home with my Zoe Brown Perfumery Box. (For three boxes purchased together, I offer a complimentary Zoom hour, to take everyone through the nose training and creative blending process).

There are many ways of thinking about perfumer inspiration including:  seasons, memories, emotions, flowers, music and people. Anything that sparks light for you can be thoughtfully translated into a perfume or aftershave!

Each Perfumery Box is made up individually in the fragrance family best suited to the recipient e.g. citrus, floral, green, woody, oriental or spicy.

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