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About Yummy Juice Company

Here at the Yummy Juice Company we are totally passionate about Juicing. We love the effect that Cleansing has on your whole being and we want you to experience it the way we do.

Created out of the love of Juicing for many years The Yummy Juice Company was founded. Each juice is hand crafted, freshly made and is totally YUMMY. Preservative free, additive free and no nasties added. We pride ourselves in making the juices just before they leave to be delivered to your door and we never freeze the juices.

Each plan is easy to follow, with a clear step by step guide of when and which juice to drink. From the Beautiful Beets on the morning of Day 1 to the last drink of your cleanse each drink has been thought out and nutritionally planned and balanced to take you from morning to night. Taste the rainbow of flavours in each juice and be assured to cut those cravings, improve your nutrition, lose weight, detox your body, get clearer skin and put yourself onto the road to clean healthy eating. Cleansing is all about clearing the clutter inside your body and giving it will give you back that body that is reset again, renewed and ready to go.

Here at The Yummy Juice Company, we are able to customise your juice plan and deal with allergies as we hand craft each juice. Customisation is key and whether you need us to simply take out an ingredient or dislike a certain vegetable all of this is possible. You just need to ask.

Our business is built by word of mouth, so customer service is key and if we can serve you better we want to know how. We aim to exceed your expectation and give you the best juices you have ever tasted. Every day, we are amazed by the feedback we receive and by the way juicing is transforming peoples lives. It’s just incredible.

We look forward to serving you soon!!

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