About The Country Childs Co

From my workshop on Dartmoor I started The Country Childs Co because I couldn’t find any shades with strong engaging images for children. Inspired by my mother who drew dogs on parchment candle shades with ink. My lampshades invite and encourage children to imagine and wrap a story round the characters on the shades who they can become friends with as they lie in bed, examining the line drawings details. Although so many adults find joy in them as well!

I silk screen and hand paint organic cotton to make lampshades which feature Mr Toad and Mr Frog, The Cat and the Fiddle, 3 Ways to Ride, Frogs Reaching for the Skies. No two are alike, with ethically sourced materials, I make them come to life and hand colour them, so each one is a bit different and special. Each shade has a luggage tag with the start of a story, connecting the pictures into a narrative, they inspire children to imagine stories to wrap around the characters.

I also make Parchemarque parchment paper modern classic children’s lampshades, with simple lines, with a flash of colour from the cord that ties them. They are plastic free in ochre or white, They transform and refresh space in a bedroom just by changing a tired longstanding shade!