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About The Beautiful Book Company

Hi there. We’re The Beautiful Book Company, and we’re thrilled to meet you. We create beautiful, bespoke, hand crafted literary-based gifts – perfect as a thoughtful gift for someone you love, or for keeping yourself!

Born from a life-long passion for books, combined with the frustration at a lack of options for great literary gifts, our company was founded in 2014.

We believe in the power of literature to inspire and fire imaginations of all ages, temporarily transporting people from their day to day lives.

Whilst many people choose e-books these days, we’re sure you’ll agree that there is nothing better than the look, feel and smell of a physical book, whether you’re opening it for the first time, or pulling it off the bookshelf to devour for the twentieth time.

So come and check out our book collections and subscriptions to discover a world of Beautiful Books.

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