About Snoooze World

I have always found hotel pillows uncomfortable, they are mostly too hard and lumpy and I used to get a sore neck from sleeping on them. Then I started travelling with my home pillow which was great, as there is nothing better than sleeping on your own pillow.

However, the pillow took up a lot of space in the suitcase, so I searched on line for a smaller soft pillow which could easily fit into a suitcase, but found that it didn’t exist

I realised that many other people suffered from a lack of sleep when travelling due to uncomfortable pillows and unfamiliar surroundings, so I decided to create a soft comfortable pillow that was compactable and which could offer the same comfort and support as your home pillow.

I started my research in January 2018 and after many months of working with sleep experts and leading UK manufacturers, we came up with the solution; a lush pillow that offers the same comfort as your home pillow. A pillow with a zip feature which allows airflow to enter the pillow, and when fluffed up feels just like down. When zipped back up it becomes compressible for more dense support.

The Snoooze pillow is easy to roll up comes with its own pillowcase and travel bag, and all parts arel machine washable.The Snoooze pillow was launched in January 2019, at UK Airport stores, Harrods and a travel store in Piccadilly. Due to a demand for an even smaller travel pillow, The Mini Snoooze was launched 6 months later.

Since then Snoooze World has launched additional sleep related products such as silk pillowcases, coloured cotton pillow cases, silk eye masks, 100% organic scented candles and reed diffusers.

The awareness of the benefits of a good night’s sleep and the improved hygiene from sleeping on your own pillow is a hot topic and I’m pleased to offer Snoooze customers a solution….and hopefully o a good night’s sleep when away from home or travelling.

 Snoooze Pillow – Perfect Sleep Anywhere!