About Robin Smirnov

Hi! I’m Robin Smirnov and I’m from a tiny town in Pennsylvania called Little Meadows! I was born singing and my parents didn’t quite know what to do with me! Luckily, they soon found an outlet for my love of singing and  I sang in my first opera chorus at age 4! I was part of the gingerbread cookie chorus in the opera Hansel and  Gretel. I can still remember every detail from the smell of the makeup, the costumes, the bright lights and, of course, the singing! I moved to London 21 years ago to attend the Royal Academy of Music for my postgraduate studies in singing and performance and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve sung in professional choirs, lead roles in many operas, oratorios and as a recitalist all over the USA, U.K. and Italy. Now, I teach singing full time to children and adults. Teaching is my passion and I love to instill  all of my students with confidence and a love of music. I enjoy teaching beginners and beyond and I can help to bring out your best singing voice! Singing makes us happy and reduces stress. In today’s complicated world we all need more happiness in our lives!

A 30 minute singing lesson is £30 and an hour is £60. I teach via zoom and in person. Give the gift of music!

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