About Ralph’s Orchard

Welcome to Ralph’s Orchard, where we craft candles that are not only beautiful and fragrant, but also safe for both your health and the environment. My name is Jo, and our story began with my youngest son (and namesake), and a mission to alleviate his respiratory issues by keeping our indoor air as pure as possible. We use only sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients in all our creations, repurposing unique vessels, and offsetting all our deliveries by planting a tree with every order. Our candles are eco-friendly, biodegradable and locally sourced to keep our carbon footprint as teeny-tiny as we can.

Better for your home and health, and for the health of our planet, Ralph’s Orchard offsets all deliveries and is carbon-neutral. A tree is planted for every order you make, reducing your own carbon footprint every time you buy one of our candles! Made from eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable and phthalate-free ingredients, Ralph’s Orchard candles contain biodegradable soy and coconut wax and locally sourced rapeseed wax.

Our candles, melts and reed diffusers make for thoughtful and unique gifts for your eco-conscious loved ones. Join us and light up your world one candle at a time.