About Phyllos Ceramics

The first Phyllos Ceramics mug was born out of the imagination of our founder, Phyllis. Inspired by the ocean and textures found underwater, Phyllis created an imaginative character called ‘Phyllos’ whose name in Greek directly translates to ‘a friend of Phyllis’. It’s life began digitally, as a small series of illustrations on an iPad and soon after, inspired several more underwater based characters which were subsequently reimagined into mug form.

We specialise in handmade, small batch ceramics, both functional homeware and art pieces, that are designed and created from a home studio in North London. Every piece is hand crafted with love, slowly and carefully. The ceramics and prints are all based on the original characters that were designed to be cute companions throughout daily life. Pieces are sold online every month via our website and stock is usually very limited so be quick if you would like to take a new Phyllos friend home!

Today, our family of mugs and prints have been adopted into homes all over the world and it is our hope that with every piece bought from our shop, you will gain a new friend.