Pajama Pantry

Pajama Pantry make fabulous, comfortable hand made pyjama pants for men and women. Made from natural cotton, hand printed with vegetable dyes, they can be hemmed to your required length (even for very tall people!) and they have pockets! Perfect for those days when you don’t want to get dressed, but you still want to look respectable when you answer the door, and a thoughtful treat for anyone in hospital or recovering at home.

Better still, being a No Waste, Eco Conscious business, they use up all the scraps and offcuts to make a wide choice of fabulous gifts and accessories. There’s something to suit everyone, from Hot Water Bottle Covers, Weighted Lavender-Scented Eye Masks to soothe and restore, Pretty Practical Washbags and even some ingenious No-fog Masks (not shown). Lots more on the website.