About Little Wisteria

Founded in 2015, Little Wisteria started as a hobby, working from my dining table and selling in a little corner on Etsy. It grew quicker than I could have ever imagined and after having my first baby in 2017, had to make the difficult decision – do I go back to work or do I make my business work for me and my new family? It was an easy choice, it had to be Little Wisteria! In May 2018, I handed in my notice at work and have never looked back!

Trinket dishes are where this venture began. Dishes that said things such as ‘Rings & things’, ‘Sparkly things’, ‘Beautiful things’ etc, these quickly expanded to wedding keepsake dishes. I just loved the sentiment behind them and creating a gift that truly meant something.

A year later, I developed my brand further expanding into personalised gifts for babies and families plus home décor items such as wall hangings and signs.

Every item is made from a lightweight paper clay, moulded, hand stamped, dried, sanded then painted and finished. So much love, care and attention goes into each and every piece because I know how important it is to give a gift that is extra special and that will last for years to come.