During the pandemic IL•LUMINATE founder Inga Lovric noticed that her house had become not just a home but an office, school and gym. During that time, she discovered the power that a scented candle had to create light and boundaries in her everyday spaces, and it was this that inspired her to create her first candle.

A refugee who lost everything when she escaped war-torn former Yugoslavia in the 90s, Inga rebuilt her life in London, where she has raised her two daughters and established a successful career as an award-winning TV producer. From dark days living in a warzone, to her busy life today, Inga has never lost sight of the power of light to guide and bring joy to everyday life.

It is this love of light, combined with her passion for scents that motivated Inga to launch her own luxury candle brand in 2021 and allow her to share her love of light with others.