About Harris & Brown

‘It’s all about the personal touch’….. So I’d like to take a moment to tell you a little about me and what brought me here.  I’m Angela, the curator of Harris & Brown.  I feel very fortunate to have enjoyed some incredible experiences both in the working environment as well as my personal life. Trips around the world with unforgettable people by my side creating unforgettable memories inspire me to create gifting experiences for everyone.

Harris & Brown gifts ultimately emerged from the pandemic.  At the time I had Prosecco Trucks.  Established in 2017 it’s a cute mobile bar in a converted Piaggio.  As small as the truck is it packs a mighty punch serving thousands with delicious, chilled drinks.  It all started with my love of Italy and  the impulsive purchase of a battered 3 wheeler!  Drawing on all my experience gained within the City where I organised an array of high end hospitality events for senior banking staff, I decided to focus on the world I was familiar with, the corporate side. It is now thriving with some amazing corporate events with clients such as NFL, UBS, Land Secs, AXA, London Guildhall, Nandos, Broadgate Estates and recently the London Design Show in Chelsea.

It’s incredibly fun meeting people and working on the other side of events! I could certainly write a book about my 5 years of Prosecco Trucks – and just when I thought I’d experienced everything, along came a global pandemic.  Certainly not business enhancing.  So, I needed to be creative and fast! I started selling small batched, pre-made cocktails, which turned into gifts with cocktails and gift boxes and finally a small pop up in an outlet centre which set the business on its way.

And here we are..H&B.  I wanted to create a brand that offered a taste of luxury at affordable prices.  Gifting shouldn’t be a hardship and I feel that my personally curated range which focus on the senses offers a little bit of luxury for everyone.

Our cocktails and candles are all handmade in small batches.  We didn’t just want to pour a candle, we wanted to pour and curate the best candle. I think we have. Poured using only the best soy wax with a gorgeous atmospheric wood wick and oozing in lingering scent.  Our cocktails are made in small batches using only the finest ingredients and boasting no artificial ingredients or added sweeteners leaving nasty sickly tastes.  What’s on the bottle is in the bottle.  Nothing else needed.  You can pair our uplifting Temptation candle which oozes Lemongrass & Ginger to the zingy Garden of Eden cocktail, or maybe the dark,moody Old Fashioned cocktail paired with the cosy Woodsmoke candle with notes of tobacco and honey.  Perfect for a winters night.

Cocktails & Candles?! What’s not to like..

I also recognise that packaging can and should be re-used.  We have so much emphasis on recycling but why not re-use? With this in mind I have ensured that all our beautiful packaging can have a second life.

I am excited for the future and establishing my brand within the luxury but affordable market.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope I can furnish you with a beautiful gift which might just trigger a past memory or be part of creating a new one.

‘Its all about the personal touch’..