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About Solo Ltd

The Dream Guardians are very special gifts; made entirely by hand using top-quality fair-trade materials and ethical manufacture, the Dream Guardians are made in Vietnam and empower women and people with disabilities into work through training and outreach programmes.

The craftspeople can work from home or are brought to the factory; the components are collected and taken to the factory ready to be lovingly stuffed and assembled (the stuffing is actually done by people with sight difficulties – they can’t necessarily see the toys but they can feel when the stuffing is just right), passing through rigorous quality control before being released for sale.

The goal is to ultimately provide financial independence and a better life, with above average wages, training and flexible working arrangements.

Based on lovable animals from Karo the Kangaroo (and her baby Karu) to Barbra the Sheep, the warm and peaceful colours and charming design make these a perfect gift for children.

The adorable characters are also available in different sizes from large and cuddly to tiny and cute. They are also beautifully packaged with recycled boxes; the larger sizes come with their own character-driven colouring story-book.

Add a delightful personalised ribbon for that extra-special touch.

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