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Me Encanta Jewellery

A new online creative store specialising in selling unique handcrafted jewellery. The company was founded by Lynn, who to this day is instrumental in ensuring the philosophy of the business is maintained and involved in every aspect of the business on a day to day business.

Always having had a love for jewellery, and been fortunate to travel extensively, it was obvious the choice of styles and vibrancy of the semi-precious stone colours were not prevalent in the UK. In fact, the proposition on the High Street appeared to be very focused on certain traditional styles and there was a gap in the market. The name for the company was always going to be difficult, however as good fortune had it, whilst on holiday in Spain, Lynn came across the name, which when translated generally means, “I love it,” it enchants me” and knew the final part of the jigsaw was in place.

From the outset Lynn have always sourced her own gemstones, and worked with a handful of small companies, located throughout the globe, who’s basic ethos is the same. The key values are ethical sourcing, sustainability and the well-being for staff. As such this allows us to create eye-catching designs using the finest materials to offer jewellery which can be worn time and time again. We want people to be noticed when they are out and about and to enjoy wearing the pieces time and time again. As you will see from our ranges, we are an early adopter of new gemstones as they become available, examples of this are Druzy and Copper Turquoise.

My philosophy is simple, it is to offer a dynamic choice of innovative collections at a realistic price without compromising the quality. I only make limited numbers of each design before introducing a new one, that way my proposition remains fresh. From my research, shoppers want to be wearing something unique which is not freely available so I intentionally do not have a High Street presence, nor is that my intention. – Lynn