About From Sal

I started painting illustrated letters as gifts to newborns near 30 years ago as hand illustrated placemats. They were such a success, I always had it in mind to illustrate the whole alphabet.

The moment came when we returned home from 6 heady years living in France. I used it as a therapy to rekindle my love for our wonderful British landscape , fauna and flora, where I had roamed freely and wildly as a child on the west coast of Scotland: chasing oystercatchers on sandy beaches; sailing on blustery lochs; skiing on the rocky slopes of Glen Coe; a rather large lobster I met on my plate aged six .French notes have crept in, unavoidably, as they should as this is a tapestry of my life’s most enjoyable visual delights.

My story stops there, and yours begins. For I decided I could offer a personalised bespoke service to others whereby I can tell your story through illustrations. Chose your dog, your hobby, your favourite garden flowers from my storyboards and I will decorate whatever name or quote you give me, with them. And if you can’t find them, commission me to paint you a bespoke illustration. I am presently drawing a jaguar in the jasmine ! I have drawn dogs, cats, camels, whatever asked. And I love what I do. If you have any requests, just email me. I am bespoke. Fulfilling your visual ideas is fun.