About English Accent

I was born in London.

We left England when I was six, travelling to Zambia and also spending time in Kenya, discovering

the wonders that were Africa  (It is in my soul to this day).

At the age of 18 I returned to London to start a career, trying my hand at being a trainee Interior Designer at Sandersons , soon to realise this was not to be my path and found myself working for many Design groups in London as a PA, mainly for Derek Birdsall of BDMW Associates who handled many large accounts, including Pirelli and ELAL.

Soon, having developed a passion for Photography, I moved onto working as an assistant to some of

London’s leading Advertising photographers. This led  me to production for many  International clients,  working on large assignments (folio available)

I finally went freelance and worked closely with a wonderful group of stills Photographers in England

and then numerous American and German car photographers which for the next 30 years led me across all parts of the World – on location as a Producer and location Producer dealing with all aspects of large stills shoots.

Finally, the business changed dramatically, mainly because of the age of digital had arrived, and with it, a new generation, which is as it should be, so for the last 8 years I have gone back to my first love of Photography ,starting  English Accent, a small company I have developed using my floral images.  I have been involved in both Wholesale and Retail, and it has been successful, but last year it had to be downsized to allow for doing small markets and fairs in and around London which I am very much looking forward to doing  this, hopefully with a return to a more normal life after this last year.