About Campsie Candles

CAMPSIE Candles are hand-poured and designed by Scottish artist Kirsty Hope. Having grown up at the foot of the Campsie Fells, we used to go for family walks up the hills as kids in the summer.  My mum told stories about how she had gone up in her youth and cracked open rocks to find amethyst geodes. I was always in awe of her stories and couldn’t believe that the hills at the back of our house were once volcanic. These fond memories gave way to the creation of the first ever Geode Candles.

The Geode Candles are made in a three pour process from mineral wax, a section is carved out and they’re decorated by hand to create the geode effect. All in, the candles take about a week to make from first pour to final touches. The decorative crystal is a really interesting material to work with, traditionally it’s used by glass makers to create plates or vases and put through a hot furnace. When the material is used in the candle, you can see it in its raw form, however as the candle burns down it fuses into an amazing stained glass window effect.  We also create candles inspired by the beauty and scents of Scotland; such as Luskentyre Beach, Loch Lomond, Wild Plum, Rhubarb and so many more!