About Art on Scarves

Art on Scarves was founded by North Wales Artist, Lucy Hay.  Lucy showcased her drawings and designs by handprinting them onto beautiful Cashmere Blend Scarves.

Inspired by the beauty of the countryside and the diversity of the wildlife around her, Lucy’s drawings are a whimsical take on some of her favourite wild animals as well as flowers and trees.

These lovely scarves can be worn tied around the neck as a scarf or draped over the shoulders like a Pashmina style shawl, making them the perfect accessory for any time of the year.

New for 2023 is a range of super silky Eco Scarves, which have been recycled from PET Plastic Bottles and then printed with the original designs of both Lucy and other British Artists, including the extremely talented Emma Lawrence (Wellies and Butterflies).  These eye catching accessories come packed in a cute pillow box, also made from recycled material.