About Alice Straker

Alice Straker is a British artist and designer. Alice started painting after an encounter with a piece of raspberry meringue cake in 2013 which she thought was so beautiful that she felt compelled to paint it. Her work has evolved to be deliciously textured, Alice paints in impasto oils, liberally applying the paint to the canvas with gestural mark making.

Alice’s inspiration comes from her family’s love of cooking – her mother was a culinary force growing up, and her twin brother, Thomas Straker, is a chef. After her encounter with ‘that’ cake – Alice would frequent Tom’s restaurants and paint the dishes that flew out of the kitchen! Alice also draws inspiration from her love of Art History. You can see art historical references throughout her work, from Pop Art to Impressionism, Hockney to Matisse.

In 2019 Alice launched her vibrant kitchenware brand, with the aim of bringing Art to the table. Alice’s growing collection includes wallpapers, placemats, prints and linens which are sourced from UK based manufacturers, who produce high quality products, with the exception of her linens which are made in Lithuania – a country known for its supreme flax linen. Alice has recently launched a charming pottery range which is handmade in Stoke on Trent, the home of British pottery.

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