About.me Jewellery

Hannah Legg – Founder of About.me Jewellery

I’ve always believed jewellery should be so much more than just fashion. Jewellery should be an expression of who you really are. More importantly, it should have a strength of meaning and a depth of emotion.

Following a period in my life of significant mental health struggles, I was inspired to create a brand that helped others live more positively on a day to day basis. I was searching for the right brand idea for a while, then one day, when I was looking for a gift for my stepdaughter, the journey for About.me Jewellery began…

At the time, my stepdaughter and I hadn’t known each other that long, but one thing we had in common was anxiety. The understanding of this in each other made our connection special. I wanted to buy her a gift that acted as a daily positive reminder to her that she was strong. I struggled to find the perfect gift, and that’s when About.me Jewellery was born.

From that day on, I have never looked back. It feels so good to be combining my passion for business and jewellery, with my desire to help others keep a daily positive outlook on life, even through the most challenging of times.

I wanted a business partner and immediately thought of my good friend Chloe. Chloe and I put our friendship to the test when we worked together years ago. Thankfully it was successful and this solidified our friendship and working relationship. United through both having experiences of mental health struggles, we collaborated to create the brand.

When working on the brand launch, Chloe and I soon realised we needed an extra pair of hands on the team. Someone knowledgeable and passionate about jewellery, with a desire to help others,. I was put in touch with Liv, who I had known for many years, but with no idea how good she was when it came to jewellery and social media! After speaking with Liv she jumped at the opportunity to work with Chloe and I, and is now an integral part of the About.me Team.

Our vision is to create a leading jewellery brand, with pieces that look beautiful and which also benefit the mind and soul. The philosophy of About.me resonates closely with our own personal experiences and feelings and it’s wonderful to be able to share our brand with you.

I hope you love our jewellery as much as we do.

Hannah x